Collaborative Email

Update Captain Admin | Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Just about all businesses and organizations need to update others about ongoing projects and activities. In the workplace, email is still the communications tool of choice because it easily allows you to share information.  However, when it comes to collaboration, email can become a major communications bottleneck. Inboxes cluttered by emails from multiple team members can make it difficult to keep track of all the conversations. In some cases, the lack of formality leads to people sharing too much information or condensing many thoughts into a single stream of consciousness (see: How to Write a More Effective Email). And then there are the side conversations that pop up that have nothing to do with the topic that was being discussed.  The result is a significant loss in productivity.

So, why is email so unproductive?  Email was never intended as a tool for true collaborative communications.  An email is drafted by a single person and when completed, it is then sent to one or more people. If you want someone to review the email before it is sent to the intended recipients, you need to send it to someone for review or have them review it on your computer.  You may even have meetings to discuss the information that you want to include in the email status report. All of this excessive and often disparate communication leads to a loss in productivity.  There have been many advances in collaborative solutions for the workplace such as Google docs and Slack but they do not address the need for teams to collaborate on email

Email Status Reports

Update Captain is a cloud-based collaborative system that provides a simple and effective way for teams to collaborate on email. The collaborative email solution provides tools to generate status report emails and collaborate on the details. The designated project manager simply schedules an update, adds topics and invites people to contribute to the details of each topic.

Team members can discuss the details of each topic within an update.  When a team member is satisfied with the information, they “approve” the update.  When all team members have approved the update, the project manager can either send the status report in the form of an email or archive the information.

Update Captain has many other features that simplifies the process of collaborating on status report email.  The system also can generate reports from previous updates and the information can be downloaded to excel.

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