Collaborative Status Reports and Updates with Update Captain

Update Captain Admin | Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Preparing updates on the status of projects and activities is a function of virtually all businesses.  

Clients, co-workers, supervisors, team members and other stakeholders are often updated using methods such as email, meetings, shared documents and conference calls.

The Problem

If you’re tasked with gathering information from a team that contributes to a project and/or client update, you might find yourself spending many hours collecting, reviewing, editing and collating that combined information before sending updates to people who need to receive them.

A Simple Solution

Update Captain is a platform which can simplify the process of soliciting feedback from coworkers and team members on the status of projects and activities.

Multiple contributors can easily collaborate and provide their input to a project on Update Captain. When ready, the update is then distributed to the people who need to receive it in the form of an easy to read email.

Features to Make Updates a Breeze

Our goal is to continue to introduce features that streamline the way people collaborate on updates and status reports. And with features such as internal messaging, notifications and approval requirements, Update Captain makes it easier to know when members of your team are contributing to a conversation or adding to an existing update.

Here’s a quick overview of some of our standard features:


Quick view of pending updates and notifications

Drag and Drop Prioritization

Updates are made up of various topics where collaborators can contribute information. These user-generated categories can be prioritized up or down and in any order at any time prior to sending an update.

Internal Update Messaging

Need to discuss the status of a topic within a project category? Update Captain has category specific discussions to help you get the information you need.

Mobile Responsive Interface

Whether you’re standing in line at a coffee shop or stuck in a busy airport, Update Captain’s responsive website lets you login from anywhere using any device so you can get your work done on the fly.

Multi-Recipient Distribution

Sometimes updates and status reports are created for one person or a group of people.  Update Captain allows you to include multiple recipients in your update distribution list.  When your update is complete, it is sent to your recipients and includes all the people who have contributed to the update.

Notification Management

Stay informed and be responsive. Receive notifications when a new update is generated and respond to discussions. Receive reminders so you never forget about your updates.  


Providing status reports and updates is a best practice to keep everyone on the same page with your projects and activities. When an update is scheduled with an assigned due-date, all collaborators get a notification so they know their response is needed.

Semi-Customized Reports

Update Captain archives all past updates. Custom time-based reports can be generated and exported at any time.

Save time, money and increase the productivity of your organization by collaborating on updates with Update Captain. A better way to communicate.