Get and Stay Organized

Update Captain Admin | Friday, October 14, 2016

Ever heard the expression, “Sometimes things must get messier before they get tidier”? Well, in the case of de-cluttering and organization, this is most definitely true. It can be a little hard to start a project when the project is a behemoth pile of unorganized paperwork or items staring you in the face.

Just like any time consuming or difficult task, the start will seem impossible, but as always, you have to start somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with starting small.

Start Small

Let’s say, for instance, your office is the mess in question. There are documents stacked as high as the Eiffel Tower and your desk looks like your two-year-old spent the day conducting business at the office. First and foremost, set a date on your calendar to tackle the situation. Once you’re ready start, clear everything from all hard surfaces. This doesn’t have to be done in an orderly fashion at first, but this is where getting messier before getting more organized takes place.

Sort it Out

Once you have an abundant amount of free surface space in your office, grab a small pile, pull up a chair and start sorting through paperwork or miscellaneous items. Designate a name for each stack of organized items by placing a labeled sticky note next to each pile, so that the more things you go through, the easier it will be to sort. This is when you’ll start to see that you actually are capable of mastering this once impossible task.

Once you’ve organized everything from the drawers to the floor, begin to neatly place everything back into your office in designated areas. When doing so, keep in mind that where you place your now organized items will most likely end up being their permanent home, so make sure that when you place them, that they are not in a visually obstructing location. If necessary, purchase extra storage for the office such as plastic bins, a filing cabinet, etc.

Now, Do a Little Each Day

The ultimate key to staying organized is to put everything back in its place when not being used, and to spend about 10 minutes every day straightening up. If this is put into action every day, it will soon become second nature.