How Update Captain Works

Update Captain Admin | Monday, October 3, 2016
Update Captain is a collaborative platform that helps individuals and teams prepare updates and status reports.  When the update is ready, it is sent to the designated recipients (such as, clients, supervisors, and other stakeholders).   Email updates generated through Update Captain are structured like this:
Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3
Topic …X  (where X is any number of additional topics)

The Basics
You can create any number of topics for your updates. Schedule a date and time for the update to be sent and fill in the details for each topic.  Once the update is sent to the people on your recipient list, it is archived.  The next time you want to schedule an update, you can replicate the previous one and make edits as needed.
Using Update Captain for Teams
Teams can cut back on meetings, phone calls and other means of communication that are often required when collating information for an update.  Here’s an example of a few important features:
Assign one or more contributors to your update to collaborate on the details of any topic.
Teams typically need to collaborate on the details of an update so Update Captain has discussion threads that can be started on any given topic. 
When an update is scheduled all team members are notified by email with the assigned due date. They also receive email notifications with pending updates that require their attention.
All updates are archived and can be accessed for future reference. Reports can be generated for  any time period and the results can be exported to excel.