Keeping your Team Happy and Productive

Update Captain Admin | Monday, October 17, 2016

Many would say that the sure-fire way to do so would be to give everyone a raise, but let’s keep the reality in check. As much as we would love to pay our employees more, this doesn’t always ensure top quality work or happy staff. We’ve listed out the top 4 ways to keep your employees happy, borrowed from’s 4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Motivated and Productive.

1. It’s Okay to Rest and Reboot

Everyone needs a break from time to time. If employees are expected to be on point and hustling at all times, they will inevitably become burnt out. From executive to artist, every person will lose motivation and creativity if worked too hard, even if paid more than anyone on the planet for services they’re providing. Remember to take some time to reflect and review before moving on too quickly.

2. Share the Good and the Bad, Just Keep Sharing

Be transparent with your staff. There are few things in the workplace that create a sense of community like treating your staff as if they were investors. Tell them what you tell investors, update them with company news as you would like to be updated. If they feel that they are a part of, they will work and act like they are a part of, as they should because they are.

3. Be Ready for Anything

Change is what informs us that it is time to re-direct the course of action. It is very important to not fight change and to let it happen. If you stay open-minded and you have the right employees, this will ensure that your company can handle anything that comes up. With that in mind, it is imperative to keep your ultra-worthy staff in the loop at all times.

4. Track Your Time and Your Tasks

Be sure to use timeline based tools in your company, such as Update Captain. This allows you, your employees, and even your clients, to stay up to date with any necessary information needed to continue and complete a project.