Online Communication Tool for Telecommuters

Update Captain Admin | Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In today’s business climate, having a diverse and nimble workforce, especially in the creative, tech and entrepreneurial realms is imperative for survival, not to mention success. The days of the nine to five, Monday through Friday routine, and having your entire team housed at the same location are gone, thanks in part to technology and its advances, which have generated significant change and literally disrupted standard models of white collar professions.  These changes in the workplace often challenges managers to figure out new ways of effectively communicating with their teams.

Working from Anywhere

We can now work from home, work from a coffee shop, work from our children’s sporting events and we can work while we travel. Some may argue that this boundary breaking new norm of having the ability to work whenever and from wherever is a travesty, however many professionals welcome the destruction of traditional workplace models of conducting business. They favor the cultural shift of being responsive and creative when it comes to recruiting the best pool of talent without regard to geographical and time-based limitations.

Managing Telecommuters with Update Captain

One of the primary challenges in having a team/workforce that telecommutes from different locations and operate on varying schedules is communication. How can business leaders effectively message to their teams about project expectations, status and goals? How can team members communicate with each other and to their leaders about the status of projects  and tasks  when they rarely meet face to face?  

Managers typically require telecommuters to engage in several time-intensive activities to ensure everyone is on the same page. They include:

  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly conference call meetings
  • Creation, review and editing of lengthy excel spreadsheets and word docs
  • Correspondence that often requires searching and collating of large numbers of emails

If you have been in the telecommuting workforce for any length of time, you have most likely contributed to some form of report or update, or have been tasked with collating information for updates from multiple coworkers.  The process often involves excessive communication and becomes a drain on company resources. 

Update Captain was specifically created to remove the busy-work from preparing updates and status reports to increase productivity and save a significant amount of time.  The platform is an easy to use communications tool for telecommuters and other business professionals. It provides a user-friendly collaborative environment for remote teams to quickly and efficiently create and edit status reports and updates without the need for meetings, phone calls and email. They simply schedule an update and create a deadline for everyone to contribute their information.  When all team members have contributed, the update is distributed to the people who need to receive it.   

Update Captain has saved companies many hours of busy work and has efficiently connected project teams from around the world.