Teams Who Use Update Captain

Update Captain Admin | Thursday, October 13, 2016

There’s a large variety of different groups and organizations that can benefit greatly from using status report software like Update Captain. Keeping constituents, clients and teams up-to-date on task list progress, project goals & completion, and overall strategic plans will enhance internal communications and increase productivity for all involved, while simultaneously reducing the need for a number of in-person/web-based meetings and/or conference calls.

Here we’ll identify how Update Captain can create status reports that are ideal for some specific (and easily recognizable) users and user-groups.

  • Staff/Company/Team – Say you’re the CEO of a small company that has a workforce in house, partially telecommutes and you may even hire some subcontractors to round out the team. Update Captain is an ideal way to collectively communicate with your whole team. Together you can identify client needs, give updates on projects, assign tasks, inquire about project progress and generate discussions about tasks or challenges without having to divert to using email thereby creating an endless thread of back and forth, the dreaded reply to all’s, don’t forget the infamous “I didn’t get that email” excuse, etc. With Update Captain, everything is all there in one status report, allowing multiple contributors and conversations, with time stamps and notifications so you’re always aware of where things stand.
  • Internal Team Communication – Incorporating the approach of a bottom-up feed of intelligence and information specific to a project or campaign from various members of a team can be compiled in one place with Update Captain, which can then be shared as a complete update with a manager(s) and supervisor(s). And one of the great features is that the team can discuss and collaborate on project tasks prior to the update completion, which makes it more cohesive and adaptable in real time. This way the end product, i.e. the status report content, is agreed to by all contributors.
  • Sole proprietor – It’s all on you, you are a one-person show, a magician with multiple clients and rather than generating multiple status reports (i.e. word documents/spreadsheets and/or emails) you can go to the same place each time to update and add to previous status reports, schedule dissemination of the reports on a prescribed schedule, keep an archive of previous reports, and pull older reports if need be. Basically, this is a great way to keep yourself and your client(s) on task for what needs to happen. It provides transparency and creates authentic measures of accountability.
  • Political/Issue-Based Campaign Committees – Ah, post-election season… regardless of where you fall politically, the complex machine of any campaign no matter the size and stature can be exhausting for all involved. Ever been to a campaign meeting? How about sit in on a campaign conference call? Whether or not you’ve worked on a political campaign, or even an issue-based campaign, you are most likely familiar with these kinds of scenarios where there’s a dispersed group of people all working toward with the same goal or similar goals and each person/team needs to update the campaign manager or point person on the status of progress pertaining to one’s area of responsibility like fundraising, opposition research, volunteer recruitment, training and staffing. It’s fast-paced, high stakes and things can change on a dime, so being the most current and up-to-date with your team and the campaign’s management is incredibly important. Update Captain provides a unique way for a multi-faceted team of interconnecting goals can keep each other updated, so when it becomes time for the campaign meeting of conference call, everyone has the pertinent and most up-to-date information so important decisions can be made and time is not wasted.
  • Teachers/Professors/Student Bodies – These days, the majority of students (of all ages) rely on laptops, tablets and smartphones rather than books and paper/notebooks to stay organized, take notes, write reports and turn in assignments. Conversely, teachers and professors are giving out assignments, required/recommended reading via digital platforms rather than writing  them on chalkboards in classrooms. Update Captain is a great tool for giving out assignments, while allowing discussion and questions about the assignment to happen prior to the work’s due date. Each topic can be broken out and details of assignments can be arranged per topic. An entire class can receive the assignment(s) on a regularly scheduled basis and will know the expectations and due dates for each topic.
  • Consultants –  Quite similar to an individual, consultants may need to consolidate their work flow/output for clients via categories as opposed to a daily tally. Update Captain’s status report tool allows consultants to divide the work done among different fields, the report(s) can be sent to multiple clients and the system allows as many contributors from the consultant firm to add to the various updates and to communicate internally via the discussion feature.
  • Volunteer groups/organization(s) – You have your project, and you need to gather your team, and stay on track with the status of the different volunteers, their committees and their schedules. Update Captain is ideal for communicating in a quick and simple fashion with a diverse group, it makes sure you have regular communication with your volunteers and that they can provide feedback, while everyone ensures that what needs to get done, is in fact getting done.
  • Special event planners – So many different tasks and organizers to make your event one for the ages. Every good event planner has an all encompassing checklist that usually entails having a variety of different vendors like a photographer, caterer, entertainment, special guest speakers, interior designers & florists, etc. Update Captain provides an ideal platform to receive updates from the various vendors you are depending on for your special event. You can then take those updates and compile them into a status update for your client, which will put their mind at ease while the clock ticks toward the day of the event.
  • Attorneys and law firms -  Lawyers have a need to send out updates to clients, but in most cases, those communique’s should probably be reviewed by a senior or lead attorney first, otherwise it’s possible that some things may be unintentionally left out. Using Update Captain provides some good oversight for lead attorney/partner to have the ability to approve what is being shared with a client.
  • Public Relations Firms/Agencies – We find that collaborating on a multitude of marketing and communications activities for multiple clients and accounts requires some serious organization and scheduling on the part of any agency’s leadership team.  The success of a project or campaign relies heavily on shared input/updates from account managers, graphic designers, digital directors, contributing writers, etc.
  • Board of Directors – Executive Directors at nonprofit organizations may find themselves reporting to a number of “bosses” all at one time. Finding the best way to reply to different inquiries made by several people can be time consuming, especially via email, phone, in-person meetings. Update Captain is a great tool for staff, managers to keep directors of an organization in the loop and regularly informed.
  • Team of reporters collaborating on a story – Living in post-election season, and considering the massive amount of media coverage both that presidential candidates received, the idea of using Update Captain for a team of reporters covering a candidate, event and/or particular topic… provides another interesting way for editors and newsrooms to put an article (story) together from a variety of writers and sources assigned to different geographical locations all contributing to one article and needing to meet the same deadline.